Those Who Dwell in the Thorns

Catherine has always done what was right and proper. She married a wealthy man she hardly knew because it was expected of her. She too has certain hopes for her future and none of them involve the Fae. She spent her life pretending she could not see the them, she convinced herself it was all madness. She’s ready to leave the fantasy world behind and start her life with her husband. But his home in Thornwood is not what she excepted. The staff are cold and distant, and the neighbors are wildly superstitious. They tell tales of the Thorn Dwellers, creatures that cut the heart out of their victims. She thinks its just a story until several villagers are found with their hearts cut out. It appears to be a ghastly coincidence but no one remembers the murders except for Catherine. She thinks she’s losing her mind until she meets Ray Thorn. He not only knows about the Thorn Dwellers, he also knows why Catherine can see things others cant. If she wants answers, then she’ll need to help Ray. He believes she is the one who can awaken the king of the thorns and save his kingdom. If he is wrong, then it may well cost Catherine her heart.