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It's no secret that authors would be nowhere without their readers. As I may have mentioned before, if you were not reading my books I would be babbling to myself. It's the author's curse, I suppose.

Your reviews and emails brighten my day. Even on my darkest days seeing a new review or just a message saying you enjoyed my work makes all the difference. And now I want to give something back to you. That's why I created Nicolette's Otakus.

If you're not familiar with what an Otaku is, it is a Japanese slang term for a super fan. I myself, apart from loving reading and writing, have a deep love of Japanese culture (as you may have figured from The Priestess and the Dragon, through most of my young adult life I have watched Anime and read manga. Many Western Anime-Manga enthusiasts call themselves Otakus.

And that's what I want you to be! You've enjoyed my work why else would you click here? Maybe you even loved it. Well I want to get to know you and be able to hear what you think about my work and what you enjoy apart from my work. So other than having a relationship with me, what do you get out of becoming an Otaku?

-Before every release, you get free preview copies (ebook and audio!)

-Access to the private Facebook group where I give away prizes, share exclusive Otaku teasers and generally chat.

-Monthly Otaku only giveaways (I'll be giving away everything from paperbacks, tote bags, bookmarks, kindles/tablets and  gift cards.)

You're probably wondering, what's the catch. The only thing I am asking of you is when you receive a free book that you leave a review ideally within 1-2 weeks of release. Reviews are the life blood for an author, it helps my rankings on Amazon and other sites, plus more reviews tells other potential readers that this book is worth their time. If you're interested in becoming an Otaku, sign up below. 

I'm an Otaku!

By Signing up you'll get all my books for free before they release in exchange for honest reviews.

We value your privacy and would never spam you. I only email with giveaways and your free advanced copies

After you sign up you'll be asked to confirm your email address and I'll send you more details. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at Or contact me via Facebook:


Thanks for all your support,

Nicolette Andrews