Diviner’s Trilogy

Diviner’s Trilogy

The prophecy foretells the rise of evil intent on ruling all the kingdoms. For generations, Maea’s family has met this foe and destroyed it before it could be unleashed. But now the power which her ancestors used to stop it in the past is lost. A sorcerer’s spell has wipe Maea of all her memories, including the prophecy which can save her kingdom.

Maea is trapped at court, controlled by her foster mother, who wants to use Maea’s power to see into the future for her own gain. At court, secrets and betrayal are common fare and Maea’s powers give anyone who controls her the advantage. With no one to trust she can only rely on herself to break the curse. When she meets the charming prince Adair, she thinks he is just another courtier intent on using her. His reputation as a rogue proceeds him and she has no intention of being his next conquest. But his offer to help her break the curse is too good to be passed up.

Together they uncover a plot that stretches back centuries and centers around Maea’s family. Her quest has thrust Maea into the middle of a struggle for thrones. If she chooses the wrong side, she just may lose her head. With lives on the line, Maea must use her powers to find who to trust before it is too late.

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separatorDiviner's Curse

Marked for death, Maea is an exile and a convicted traitor. She played the game of intrigue, and her naivety nearly cost her life. Now she and Johai,her  former love and man she is destined to kill, have fled her homeland for the neighboring country of Neaux. There they hope to find a way to save Johai and stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. Instead of finding a way to break Johai’s curse, they discover the conspiracy that nearly cost Maea her life has escalated. Adair has stationed Danhadine guards around the capitol and Maea fears that the royal family may be in danger.
She must stop Adair, but in order to do that she will need to get close to the royal family of Neaux. Neaux court is notoriously exclusive and she needs an invitation and a disguise. Jon Sixton, can give her both. The price for his assistance is steep, in exchange for his help, Maea has to marry him. Urged by her dire visions of the future, Maea agrees in order to infiltrate the Neaux court. Time is not on her side –every day she spends trying to thwart Adair Johai slips further away. If she cannot stop Adair before Johai succumbs to the specter, she will not only lose Johai, but she will unleash a destructive force beyond imagining.

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Diviner's Fate - Ebook - PNG

Destiny rests upon Maea’s shoulders. She refused to kill Johai and because of that he and the specter are one. There is still hope to save Johai, thanks to Elenna’s intervention Johai’s soul remains hidden inside the specter. Maea’s last hope to save him lies with the oracle, the spiritual leader of the Biski. In order to find her, Maea journeys south to the lands of the Biski. But war threatens to prevent her from reaching the oracle in time. Neaux and Danhad are on the brink of war and the newly possessed Johai is pulling all the strings.

It’s up to Maea to thwart Johai’s plot. In the land of the Biski the people are wild and culture strange, but the game of politics is just the same. She is drawn to Johai as never before as they engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. She must use all of her cunning to outwit his advances without giving into her own desire. If she hopes to learn anything from the oracle, Maea has to let Johai believe she can trust her. The stakes are high and there will be no second chances this time. She must break Johai’s curse or lose him forever.

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The World of Diviners

For Nicole

 When Damara received a message from the palace, she knew it could only mean one thing. Her husband was dead. She had prepared herself for this moment ever since he marched off to war. Following the news of her husband’s death, she comes face to face with her husband’s sister, the Queen. She has come to Damara with a request from beyond the grave. Writ on the aging parchment, her husband left her instructions and a confession. He was not the man she thought he was. He was the king’s spy and he died in his service. In his final letter to Damara, her husband asks her to find his killer and take his place as a royal spy. Whether Damara wants to or not, she has to find her husband’s killer. As Damara’s world crumbles around her she is dragged down into a world of secret orders and dangerous forgotten magic. She must follow the clues her husband left behind in order to find his killer to free herself of the secrets that bind her.




At Sixteen, Johai, possessed by an ancient spirit, finds a diviner child. Maea is the last of the Diranel diviners and the power hungry boy plans to use her to help orchestrate his revenge. Time heals all wounds and after ten years, Johai’s thirst for vengeance has ebbed as his affection for the girl, now a woman grows. After ten years of plotting and planning, will he be willing to give everything up for the unexpected love of a woman, or forsake it all it his quest for power?





Princess - Ebook - PNG

Edalene is a reluctant princess with a heavy burden upon her shoulders. Her future son is destined to become the next King. But when the King chooses a husband for her, she plans to run away rather than be forced into a loveless marriage.

Trapped inside the palace for her entire life, Edalene has no idea what waits for her outside. Her attempt at escape is foiled by a would be assassin and she learns she is not the only one who opposes her marriage.

Many in the kingdom do not want to see Edalene’s family regain the throne and they are willing to kill her to prevent it. Now Edalene is faced with a choice: marry a man she has just met or risk her life in search of freedom.

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