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Maea dreams of blood and war centuries old. She is haunted by visions of dire plots that have yet to be hatched. Maea is a diviner, born with the ability to see into the past and future. Her gift, though powerful, cannot regain what she has lost –her memories. Many are drawn to Maea and her power, eager to use her ability to foresee the future to their own ends. Her foster mother pretends to shield Maea from those who would use her, but Maea knows the truth. Her foster mother conspired with a sorcerer to take away Maea’s past and with it a secret that threatens her kingdom. 

In her search to break the spell, Maea is guided only by her fractured prophecies which thrusts her into a world of royal intrigue. The visions lead her to Prince Adair, a charming rogue whose intentions for her may not be entirely pure. Though she hesitates to trust him, she knows he is her only chance at breaking free of her foster mother. Without a past, she is at the mercy of the cunning courtiers. Everyone has a game to play and Maea is a convenient pawn. Adair alone sees through her step mother’s charm and is willing to help Maea remove her from power. Together they delve into the mysteries surrounding Maea’s curse, and the secret she was never meant to remember.







Marked for death, Maea is an exile and a convicted traitor. She played the game of intrigue, and her naivety nearly cost her life. Now she and Johai, her former love and man she is destined to kill, have fled her homeland for the neighboring country of Neaux. There they hope to find a way to save Johai and stop the prophecy from being fulfilled.  Instead of finding a way to break Johai’s curse, they discover the conspiracy that nearly cost Maea her life has escalated. Adair has stationed Danhadine guards around the capitol and Maea fears that the royal family may be in danger.

She must stop Adair, but in order to do that she will need to get close to the royal family of Neaux. Neaux court is notoriously exclusive and she needs an invitation and a disguise.  Jon Sixton, can give her both. The price for his assistance is steep, in exchange for his help, Maea has to marry him. Urged by her dire visions of a future, Maea agrees in order to infiltrate the Neaux court. Time is not on her side –every day she spends trying to thwart Adair Johai slips further away. If she cannot stop Adair before Johai succumbs to the specter, she will not only lose Johai, but she will unleash a destructive force beyond imagining.     





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Diviner's Fate - Ebook - PNG

The prophecy has awoken and Maea’s final task has begun. 
War is brewing between Danhad and Neaux. The new queen of Neaux, Arlene, sits uneasy on her throne, and she will not rest until she has vengeance against Danhad. Maea is trapped by duty both to Arlene and to her homeland. She fought to prevent the war, but now it seems inevitable. As tensions mount, all eyes turn to the south and the tribes of the Biski to turn the tides in the war. Maea too feels drawn to the south. The Oracle holds the key to learning more about her powers; it is her last hope to save Johai. 
Danhad and Neaux are not the only one with their sights set on the Biski. Johai, newly possessed, is gathering power and he too wants a Biski alliance. Visions of Johai haunt Maea’s dreams and she feels his presence both waking and sleeping. Destiny is calling them. They are drawn together by an invisible bond, and though Johai is no longer the man she once knew, she cannot deny the lethal attraction she feels for him. 
The only way to save Johai is to out maneuver the specter that controls him. Maea will play the deadliest game yet. If she wins, she will save not only Johai but all the kingdoms. The only question remains: is she prepared to pay the ultimate price for love? 












Catherine has always done what was right and proper. She married a wealthy man she hardly knew because it was expected of her. She too has certain hopes for her future. All she ever wanted was a normal life with her husband. When she arrives in Thornwood, the secrets of her past catch up with her at last and her dreams for her future are shattered. She tried to hide her peculiarities behind a facade of normalcy but Ray Thorn knows what she is. He is willing to keep her secrets, for a price.

The otherworld is dying and Ray must find a way to save them. After numerous failures, Ray believes he has found the otherworld’s savior in Catherine. The only problem is she does not want to help. Catherine refuses to believe in the Fae and time is running out. Something is hunting and killing villagers in an effort to thwart Ray and he fears Catherine may be next. He must find a way to convince Catherine that the Fae are real, if he doesn’t she will never pass the tests needed to save his kingdom. Ray has been wrong before but if he is right this time, Catherine will save the Otherworld. But if he is wrong then it could cost Catherine her heart.



Suzume lived a life of luxury until her mother betrayed Suzume’s father the emperor. As punishment for her mother’s sins, Suzume is sent to a remote temple complex high in the mountains where she is expected to be trained as a priestess serving the god of the mountain. However during her initiate ceremony she accidentally awakens the slumber god, but to the high priestess surprise, he is no gof but a dragon. Once the dragon, Kaito, is unleashed he wants revenge on the woman who sealed him away and as his newest servant, he chooses Suzume to join him on his journey. Along the way, the pair will discover that death is only the beginning and that love can often reach across time. 

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