Author Interview with Fiona Tarr

I have the pleasure of doing a promotion with the lovely Fiona Tarr! We’re both giving away FREE e-books. Right now you can get a FREE copy of her book Destiny of Kings.


The King is going slowly mad, bewitched by the dark magic and seductive powers of the Egyptian Princess.

As war breaks out, his trusted General seeks to raise an army and will find a young shepherd boy, bound for greatness.

But when the Priestess and the strange little Holy man share a prophecy the General will be left with a choice; the life of a young boy or his life long friend.

Death is inevitable and when it comes, pain will follow…..

 Fiona was nice enough to answer a few of my questions as well.

Q:       First of all, let’s have you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you and your books, what genre do you write in, how many books have you written and when did you get started writing?

A:      I am a wife, mum & business woman. I wrote poetry in my teens and my English teacher encouraged me to write in high school but I never really considered becoming an author until after our move and as our kids got a little older and more independent. When I am not working or writing, I will likely be on the water.

I write fantasy with mystical/spiritual themes and rewrite Old Testament ‘history’ into epic fantasy adventures. I love ancient history and the turmoil of this era lends itself to fantastical re-imaginings.  I have recently released the 4th and final book in my current series, but there is a prequel novella coming out later in the year.

Q:   What made you decide to start writing? 

A: When we moved and purchased our business is was quite run down and took time to reinvigorate. During that period I had a lot of free time on my hands and decided it was time. I considered self help books about raising boys and all sorts of other concepts but decided I really wanted to explore culture, faith and philosophy through fantasy.

Q:       Where do you get inspiration for your novels?

A:        I am a student of theology and philosophy so the Old Testament stories seemed a great place to start exploring fantasy concepts. My first series begins with the rise of King David but my true inspiration comes from my deep search for ‘the meaning of life’ not in the Monty Python vain though.

Q:       What are you reading currently, and what genres do you usually read?

 A:     Ha ha, that’s funny. I’m actually reading The Priestess and the Dragon by Nicolette Andrews. Great book by the way 😛 I nearly always read fantasy, although I don’t mind the occasional thriller along with loads and loads of non-fiction.

Q:    If you had to pick an all time favorite novel, which would be your favorite?

A: That’s hard but my all time favourite author would still be David Gemmell. He wrote fast paced epic/heroic fantasy that explored the human struggle between good and evil. I have to admit I drew some of my style from his many books, but my favourite is Waylander.

Q:      What are you working on currently, and what was the inspiration for it?

A: I have started my next book/series. Not sure it will be more than a stand alone at this stage but it is called Fall of Jericho and once again it draws on an Old Testament story but with a more modern cultural twist. Rahab was considered a prostitute after all, but her line is the line of David and if you believe the old bible stories, the line of Jesus 🙂 Such a sordid past!! My inspiration for writing is always to create a fast paced adventure story with a deeper philosophical meaning for those who seek it.

Connect with Fiona Tarr 

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Review: Succubus in a Red Dress By Daniel David Garcia

I read this 3482742-368-k764705book a while back and thought I had already reviewed it. And while going through my reviews trying to decide what to review next I realized my error. Well now I plan to rectify that! Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be introducing you to the fabulous world of The Succubus in a Red Dress. To start today, we have this fabulous romp. Delilah is pretty average, she’s struggling to make ends meet in NYC working at a coffee counter for pennies when she discovers some previously unknown powers when she accidentally drains a man and almost kills a man.

Cue her new mentor, Chloe who has conveniently swept into plan and decides to take Delilah under her wing. She teaches her everything there is to no about enchanting men and sucking the life out of them. But our herione is not so keen on her new found powers and openly rejects them.

This book was a fun twist on the classic idea of a Succubus, Delilah is not your a-typical sultry seductress. She is clumsy and awkward and painfully relatable. I think we can all relate to that sense of not knowing what to do with your life and who hasn’t struggle a time or two. It was a quick read, it probably took me a day or two. It was an amazing book, and as if it couldn’t get any better it’s currently FREE on Kindle and Kobo. So Pick up your copy you won’t be disappointed.



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Featured Writer of February

This week, I am omitting the usual weekly feature in favor of a new month long spot highlighting some great Author’s on Wattpad. My first feature is one of my Wattpad BFFs but that is not the reason she won this feature. My choice for the month of February has consistently produced amazing stories that I fall in love with over and over again no matter what the story line! And what better writer to showcase  in the month of love than the goddess of romance:

W.O. Nelson

Her works will be featured on the side bar and you can read a review of her story ‘Catch Curse and Release‘ that I feature previously!

Check out her stories, what are you waiting for?

Bad CompanyBad Influence (Sequel to Bad Company)I Only Date SuperheroesCatch, Curse, Release

Wattpad Wednesday #6

This week I am making an exception to one of my feature rules, typically I like to have read the entire story if completed or at least all the chapters available before posting but when I read the first chapter of this weeks feature, I knew it had to be the feature for this week. This week I am spotlighting:

The Casquette Girls

By Alys Arden 

The Casquette Girls

Author’s Summary: There are certain events that happen which shake the world to the core and throw everything off course. The Storm certainly will have affected the city of New Orleans forever, but Adele Le Moyne could never have dreamed which course she would be blown onto. When Adele and her father start to rebuild their home and their lives, everything is so chaotic it’s difficult to tell the difference between the natural and unnatural events happening around town.

My Thoughts: I was floored by the quality of this story, as many people well know wattpad markets to amateur writers this story however, has the mark of a professional.  The details are rich and stunning and the plot is like a slowly building fire. I have to physically stop myself from reading too fast and devouring every single chapter in one sitting. I have not read something with this level of mystery, suspense and a sprinkling of paranormal before. I’m about half way through and I can already easily say this is the best story I have read in a long time! (No offense to my other features this story is just beyond amazing but you are all great as well.)

Wattpad Wednesday #5

Today’s post is a bit different than my usual features, while still in the ‘fantasy’ genre we’re going to take a trip into a Young Adult fantasy that has recently completed and is one of my all time favorites on Wattpad. This week’s feature is:

Horizon Falls 

By NightRose154

Horizon Falls


From the Author’s Summary: 

Avery is just a normal sixteen-year-old girl who spends her summers hanging out with her best friend Dan, attending parties, and wandering through the grey city streets. That is, until her family suffers a vicious and deadly attack that she can’t even remember happening, and she doesn’t understand how she escaped unscathed. She is then forced to live with her grandmother in a beautiful, seemingly perfect village in the middle of the English countryside. But things aren’t what they seem… and she’s drawn into another life by the sexy, but mysterious village kids. Does she except her new life, or fight to uncover the truth, so she can return to her old life?

My thoughts:

This story had a perfect blending of action and mystery. Avery is relatable as the heroine and NightRose154 did a perfect job of getting inside her thoughts and feelings. What I love most about this story was the uncommon blending of so many different fantasy elements. From vampires to angels, Werewovles to fairies and just heaps of sexual appeal from James, Avery’s love interest and just great plot development. It just completed recently and I knew once I finished it would be this weeks feature.



Wattpad Wednesday #4

As I review my favorites on Wattpad I often times find myself with a difficult choice. I have quite a few authors that I enjoy everything they write and yet I don’t want to just bombard everyone with a billion stories from one author. So here I sit staring at my favorites list on Wattpad making the difficult choice. And in the end I went with a story I have been literally addicted to for the past week or so. Today’s feature is:

Catch, Curse, Release

By wonelson

Love Bites

Author’s Summary:  Lori Mayer is a failing law student whose latest boyfriend just ran off with her study partner (she was really going to miss Karl, he took the best notes). However bleak everything seems now, Lori soon discovers that life and love can get a whole lot crazier when a psychotic love god named Des sends her back in time to meet her true love; A time and place where immortal warriors run rampant and her iPad is about as useful as a frisbee. Can Lori resist her attraction to Eric, the ridiculously tasty leader of the immortals, and return to her own time? Not if Des has anything to do with it. He may be cursed to help mortal women find their true loves but it’s his game, and in this game only one thing matters: sealing the deal. Unfortunately for him, Lori has her own rulebook and she isn’t about to give in without a fight. Can a modern-day woman really outplay him at his own love game? Not bloody likely!

My Thoughts:

Never before have I found the combination of comedy and sex appeal that Mrs. Nelson brings to a story. Her characters practically jump off the page, pick you up in their well oiled arms and ride with you off into the sunset. (I may have a slight crush on her heroes).  I enjoy everything she writes but after devouring some 10 chapters over the course of a couple days and one very steamy scene, this story won this round. Her plots are clever and never cliched and her heroes… well just read and you’ll see what I mean.

Wattpad Wednesday #3

As I sit here writing my weekly review I feel a bit torn. I have quite a few stories that I adore and it’s hard to choose just one every week. This story I did ultimately choose is from an author that I adore everything she writes, she currently has two completed stories and one in progress and even though they are all amazing, I chose to review the first story of hers that I ever read.  This week’s feature is:

Happily Never After

By wolfbane

Happily Never After

Author’s Summary:

Princesses go somewhere called Happily Ever After, fairy-tales tell us when we are children. They earn this good fortune by marrying handsome Princes, who fall in love with them because of how good they are with animals, cleaning and singing. Once they’re in this mythical land, nothing can spoil their hard-won happiness. Or so we thought. Ella wakes up to find herself trapped in the body of Cinderella, the lucky girl who could squeeze her feet into glass slippers and went off to be a Princess in a pretty palace. But Happily Ever After isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Ella rapidly finds herself dealing with the fictitious Princess’ very real problems. Because not only is her fiancée, Prince Charming, quite the most boring man she’s ever met, but the Evil Queen is stirring up some trouble and soon there won’t be a Happily Ever After – for anyone.

My thoughts:

As it’s rather apparent from the summary, this is a fairytale gone awry. What I adore about this retelling of the Ever After Trope, is how kick-butt Ella is! She’s plopped into Ever After and instead of just filling her role, she makes it fit her. The style of writing is captivating and engaging. I adore a strong female lead and this is among one of my all-time favorite stories, honestly. While you’re there check out her other two amazing stories: The Devil’s Smile and Deadly Nightshade.

Wattpad Wednesdays #1

I love free stuff, almost as much as I love coffee, writing and my family. (In no particular order). I practically fell all over myself when I discovered Wattpad. If you are not familiar with the site, Wattpad is a free online writing community where writers can share their works with readers all over the world. The site boasts a 100,000+ stories and I am inclined to believe them, I have been using the site for less than a year now and I have found quite a few great authors and stories, which brings me to today’s post. I often find really amazing stories that don’t have the recognition they deserve. With so much wonderful free writing available for the taking I thought I have a special feature just for the exceptional stories on Wattpad.

Feature #1 is one of my personal favorites:

The Baby and the Battle Field

By CarolinaC

The Baby and the Battlefield

From Author’s Summary:

A baby? On a battlefield?

Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend is no help; he thinks Marcus is a sucker for taking the kid in. The slave who ends up babysitting the child is no better; she thinks Marcus has ulterior motives – bad ones. Not only that, but two mysterious female assassins appear on the scene. Whether they intend to harm the baby or protect her, Marcus isn’t sure. It doesn’t help that the assassins have magical cloaks that allow them to turn into birds at any time. Marcus and his friends soon find themselves caught up in things they doesn’t understand: the child has some connection to an ancient prophecy, one that could have implications for fate of the Empire itself.

My thoughts:

I adore this story, the character are realistic and relatable It’s hard to find something where I am completely inside of the head of the characters but CarolinaC has done it! The story is still in progress, but has many available chapters to read and even better, CarolinaC is very consistent with updates posting at least twice a week. It’s an absolute must read!