My Top Non-fiction Books of 2016

I may have mentioned 2016 was a learning year for me and as I relaunch myself in a brave new world, I want to share my top picks for books that inspired me to be a better writer in 2016. I’ve listed them in descending order.

This is the book that got me thinking about 2016 and what I could have done better and helped me reach peace with the realization that sometimes you have to step back and absorb everything. As you can imagine, it talks about how to make writing part of your routine, which I really needed. But it also talks about habits in general and it really got me thinking about my habits, good and bad, and how I can improve as a person.





I am a long time die-hard outliner. And if you’re a writer or if you’ve even dipped a toe into the writing community you know that there are lines that divide writers. There are the pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants and make up a book as they go along) and there are plotters (those who write out an outline before they start). I love outlines, but even when I feel like I’ve written a highly detailed outline, there seems to be something missing. My first drafts are too thin, or the outline too vague when it comes down to what actually needs to happen. This book drastically changed my method for outlining and I know it is going to make a huge difference in my writing in 2017.


This is by the same author, and it takes a deeper dive into story telling. I can say this book wasso good, I would recommend it to EVERY writer. It literally changed the way I look at storytelling. I feel like this book could apply to anyone who wants to write, whether you like planning or not. I had so many ideas that came to me while I was reading. I even bought the work book, which has become an invaluable asset.





I grew up watching Friends, and this book is basically a book that analyzes friends and gives you tips on how to write from what can be learned from the show. I’ve read just about every non-fiction book by these authors, and their laid back writing style and the content made it one of my top reads of 2016. Highly recommended.





This book came to me at a really necessary time. I was feeling like crap about my year, about what I hadn’t done that I had set out to do. And it really helped me change my mind around on how I see my failures. And it lets you know that you’re not alone, the author struggle is universal. A must read for all creatives.





More than anything the non-fiction I read this year, really influenced me. I learned a lot about myself and my craft and I plan to read even more non-fiction books in the coming year to continue to improve myself and keep growing.
How about you, do you have a non-fiction book to recommend?

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