Awesome Audio Books

Since I’m releasing the final audio book in my Diviner’s Trilogy. (Internal screaming) I thought I’d make a recommendation for a couple of Audio Books that I’ve listened to and that absolutely blew my socks off.

First up:

The Artifact Hunters By A.W. Exley and Narrated by Gemma Dawson.

I talked about this series as being one of [my favorites in 2016]. I consumed the entire series in audio. I’ll briefly go over why I loved the series but you can read my full review here.

My favorite thing about this series was the main character Kara, she’s smart, carries a gun and wears a corset but she’s also vulnerable and has a dark past which makes her so much more relatable. The series starts out with a bang as Kara races to stop a serial killer, whose killing young woman in an attempt to gain immortality. It had me on the edge of my seat -literally cause I was listening on my commute to my dat job.

The narrator Gemma Dawson was amazing! Her character work was so perfect and her smooth British accent made the Victorian setting come alive. I would listen to more of her narration just to hear her voice.

My second choice is Dead City by Sean Platt and Johnny Truant Narrated by Scott Brick

This book was a thrill ride. It’s a zombie political thriller. If that sounds crazy, well it is. The setting is a world where there was a zombie outbreak which was cured and halted. People who were infected, still deal with a bit of decay and are treated as second class citizens. The story surrounds the people involved with the company who invented the cure, and keep it from returning.

The narration was great, Scott’s voice is gravel and intense, he even does a good job narrating the female characters (of which there are many.) Without sounding stupid. Some male narrators try a falceto and it just totally rips me out of the story. The first couple chapters are short, and fast paced and I could not stop listening.

My third choice is The Beam Season 1 and Season 2 By Sean Platt and Johnny Truant Narrated by Johhny Heller, Tara Sands, Ralph Lister, Ray Chase, R.C. Bray. Jeffery Kefer, Chris Patton, Rachel Fulginiti.

It took me a couple chapters before I really sunk into this book, but once I did, oh man was I hooked. There’s so many layers of plot going on I don’t even know where to start. Lets see, this is set in our not too distant future in a world of technology like what we have today but advanced to an extreme level of connectivity. Just think of AI in everything, from your walls to inside your skull. And the story centers around two brothers each heads of different political parties right before there form of an election and the back stabbing and secrets that go with it.

This narration is a full cast narration and it was my first time listening to it. Going in I thought full cast meant that you heard each narrator narrate the voice of the character while someone else read the other parts. But instead each chapter’s character perspective is narrated by a different voice. It was jarring at first but once I got into it, I started to enjoy hearing the characters voices done a certain way by a certain narrator.

This series was really good, I highly recommend it. There’s only two books in audio in the series, and I’ve got the ebook on my to read list. But as I follow the authors I know the series is not done, and also knowing them, knowing that this book will probably destroy me when I get to the end of Season 3.

How about you are you listening to audio any you’d like to recommend?

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