My Top Fiction Reads of 2016

I mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of ambitious plans for 2016. Not all of them panned out but one thing I can say I accomplished was I met my goal of reading 50 books. Which is harder than I thought it would be. Here is my top five reads from 2016 for Fiction (In Descending Order). I’ll be doing a follow up post about my non-fiction picks.


This book, was beautiful in it’s simplicity. I never thought of literary sci-fi even being a thing but that’s what it was. An entire planet is destroyed and the survivors of the genocide have been searching nearby planets for more people who share their ancestry and are scattered across the solar system. Tangled up in this poetic narrative, is a love story and a story about finding your roots, and cultural identity. It made me think, and it was beautiful. I cannot praise this book enough.




THE ROAD- By Cormack Mccarthy
This book sat on my shelf for over a year. I am going to admit that I saw the movie first and it kind of destroyed me. I cannot handle children in danger plots, and the entire story is about a father and son, struggling to survive, as the world is dying around them. The writing style of this book is different. If you are particular about writing I would skip this one. But the tone it evokes, and the story that Mccarthy weaves through this father’s eyes had me turning pages well into the night. It’s the sort of story that sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading it.




MOSHE’S STAFF (Book Four the Artifact Hunters) A.W. Exley

I love this series, and I read 3 out 4 of the books this year. It was hard to pick a favorite out of the bunch, and without giving away too many spoilers, this book is about a bad ass chick, set in a steam punk universe. Kara Devon has everything I love in a female lead, strong, independent, and clever. She gets into some terrible tight spots and she always finds a way out. There’s a love story to this book as well, which given the premise of this particular novel was used to great effect. (Vague enough? I don’t want to spoil) I highly recommend this entire series.



THE RAVEN CYCLE – By Maggie Stiefvater

OK this is a bit of a cheat, but I seriously cannot pick a favorite from this series and if I didn’t pick the series this entire list would be dominated by these books. This was the first time I had read anything by this author but she quickly has become a new favorite. The tone and atmosphere was so palatable. The language she uses it just grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let you go. The entire series was wrapped up in a mystery so many layers deep, I didn’t even know how far it had gone, until I was almost drowning in it. This series will probably go down as one of my all time favorites. Now you may ask, why not my number one pick? I knocked it down a couple, just because the characters and the conclusion felt like a let down. I had fallen to hard and fast in love with this series when it came to the end, I was left kind of wanting. The main character had a ton of potential, but she felt flat on the page. Same with her romantic interest. To be honest, the back ground characters were much more interesting.

THE SCORPIO RACES -By Maggie Stiefvater

So Steiver did end up taking the top spot for me. This book, made up for all the short comings in the RAVEN CYCLE. The writing is visceral and nearly leaps off the page, the main character was everything I wanted from Blue and the supporting cast felt real to me. I really enjoyed this book. And it’s stand alone, which was great and bad at the same time. I wanted to keep living in that world. But the story line was so succinct and well done, that I didn’t mind it when it was over.
Looking back, I read a lot of traditionally published titles. Which was convenient, (easier to get from the library) but since I am an Indie author my goal for 2017 is to read more Indie Books. And my Goal is to read 50 indie titles by the end of 2017.

What are you favorite books from last year?

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