What’s Next For Nicolette Andrews

Ever since I finished The Diviner’s Trilogy I have been feeling a little lost. That story was what got me started to really seriously writing. It was the reason I became a published author and has really been the catalyst for everything I am doing now. If it had not been for Diviner’s Prophecy, my sister and friends spurring me on to write it I do not know where I would be today. I started a new series the Thornwood series. I actually wrote a version of that story almost two years ago, had it edited and published it. But it was not as polished as it should be so I took it down and let it haunt me for a year or more. I finally revised it was really happy with it and then The Priestess and the Dragon took off. It was never my intention for that story to be popular, honestly it was just a way for me write about Japan and Japanese mythology because it’s something I enjoy. But it seems the story resonated with people and now Wattpad, the website where it all started, is going to feature it for six months. This is a huge honor and something that has been on my writer’s bucket list since I found Wattpad almost 3 years ago. So I am at crossroads.

I plan on writing more in the Diviner’s World because I cannot let it go. I have five more books planned in the Thornwood series. I have ideas for fairy tale retelling in a Japanese setting interwoven with Japanese mythology. And then there’s The Priestess and the Dragon, the elephant in the room, so to speak. This story has been consuming me and my thoughts and as much as I think these other stories need your attention, I know I need to work on P&D first. So this is my official declaration, I am focusing on writing P&D before all other stories. That is not to say I am going to abandon my other works, the next generation diviner’s story is coming, as if more in the Thornwood series and the fairy tale retellings but for now, I am going to write P&D until I lose my muse or until its done. The plan, and just so everyone knows I change these things all the time, is to write all six books in P&D and release a new one every 8 weeks. It seems like a monumental task but I am up to it.

I’ll be posting some teasers and tidbits on the blog in the coming weeks as I progress so stayed tuned for that.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next For Nicolette Andrews

  1. I just finished The Diviners Prophecy. Enjoyed each page. The turn and twists kept me on my toes. Looking forward to more books about Maea.

    I love most fantasy books. Whether about Diviners, Priestess, Dragons, Wolves, Vampires and just about any book with a little romance and the mystical elements work together. I think writers are amazing people.

    1. Wanda I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy as well. I’ve always been a huge fantasy fan myself especially with some romance tossed in. 😉

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