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Pretty Perfect By Lana Sky Cover Reveal

An author friend of mine, Lana Sky, is releasing a stand alone romance novel. I am currently reading her Vampire novel DRAIN ME, well more like devouring it. I’ll be doing a full review when I finish it but for now I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the cover of her upcoming release PRETTY PERFECT. Today is the cover reveal and I offered to share it here on my blog. Seriously this book looks really good and I’m chomping at the bit to get my own copy. Here’s a teaser:

Pretty perfect banner 7


I have always been a sucker for books about dancers and just reading the summary for this I am swooning. 



It is an illusion that twenty year old Anya Desotto strives to maintain.

The perfect ballerina.

The perfect daughter…

The perfect liar.            


Everyone else seems fooled by the charade—but Anya isn’t prepared for the moment when her “perfect” mask is cracked in half by someone much more adept at the art of pretending. 

As a former principal dancer and the owner of a prestigious international ballet company, Revend Marcus has no problem with breaking Anya down—by any means necessary—to suit his own twisted idea of perfection. With her dreams hanging in the balance, Anya has no choice but to accept his mentorship.  

However, when the demolition goes too far, Revend and Anya both find themselves swept up in the aftermath.

And they soon discover that when you build a glass house of secrets and lies it only takes one wrong move to shatter it.

Though, sometimes…even destruction can be pretty perfect.


Uh… I can has now please?



Just take my money already!



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