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I have a huge list of projects for 2015. Lets just say its going to be an ambitious year. I have a couple of titles complete and soon to be released, once I get covers completed etc. I’ll be posting teasers, cover reveals, and giveaways at the blog and on Facebook etc. in the coming months. Make sure to check back. Also if you haven’t already sign up for the Story Newsletter and get notified  and receive discounted pricing for these titles.


World of Diviner’s

All of these focus on the ‘next generation’ more specifically: Helene, Leonell and others you may recognize.


Princess –April 2015 

Edalene is a reluctant princess with a heavy burden upon her shoulders. Her future son is destined to become the next King. But when the King chooses a husband for her, she plans to run away rather than be forced into a loveless marriage. Trapped inside the palace for her entire life, Edalene has no idea what waits for her outside. Her attempt at escape is foiled by a would be assassin and she learns she is not the only one who opposes the marriage. Many in the kingdom do not want to see Edalene’s family regain the throne and they are willing to kill her to prevent it. Now Edalene is faced with a choice: marry a man she has just met or risk her life in search of freedom.

Some of you may remember Edalene from the Diviner’s trilogy. To refresh your memory, this is Adair’s younger sister.

Sorceress– September 2015

This is Adair’s daughter’s story.

Daughter of Prophecy– October 2015

Maea and Johai’s daughter, a prequel to King’s Legacy

King’s Legacy –November 2015

Leonell’s story (Adair and Sabine’s son)

*** I’ve decided to focus on two series this year. Thornwood and Dragon Saga (and the related standalones). I will be pushing back these releases until 2016 check back for more information.

Thornwood Series

Those Who Dwell in the Thorns —Now Available 

Catherine has always done what is right and proper. She married a wealthy man she hardly knew because it was expected of her. She too has certain hopes for her future. All she ever wanted was a normal life. When she meets Ray everything she has worked for is threatened. He knows her marriage is a charade meant to cover up her torrid past and if he reveals her secrets it will ruin her reputation and her marriage. Ray agrees to keep her secrets… for a price.
The Otherworld is dying and it is up to Ray to find a way to save his kingdom. After numerous failures, Ray believes he has found the Otherworld’s savior in Catherine. The only problem is she unwilling to believe in the world of the Fae. If he cannot persuade her, then the magic he needs to save his kingdom will remain locked inside her. He must change her mind and quick. Ray is not the only one who has their sights set on Catherine. Someone is cutting out the hearts of villagers, and now they want Catherine’s. Ray must not only protect the unwilling heroine from danger, but he has to convince Catherine that the Fae are real. Together they have the power to save the Otherworld but only if Catherine is willing to believe first.

Tangled in Thorns –September 2015


Tales of Oyashima*

Kitsune–May 2015

A Little Mermaid retelling

Okami –June 2015

A Little Red Riding Hood retelling

Hime –July 2015 

A Beauty and the Beast retelling


Dragon Saga:

The Priestess and the Dragon –August 2015

Suzume lived a life of luxury until her mother betrayed Suzume’s father, the emperor. As punishment for her mother’s sins, Suzume is sent to the remote temple complex high in the mountains where she is expected to be trained as a priestess serving the God of the mountain. However, during her initiate ceremony she accidentally awakens the long slumbering god, but to the high priestess surprise, he is no god, but a sleeping dragon. Once the dragon Kaito is unleashed from his slumber, he wants to get his revenge from the woman who sealed him away. As his newest ‘servant’ he chooses Suzume to join him on his journey.  Along the way, the pair will discover that death is only the beginning and that love can often reach across time.


*Tales of Oyashima is a spin off series from the World of Dragon Saga.

All these dates are subject to change. Signing up for the Story Newsletter will give you the most up to date information.


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