Featured Writer of February

This week, I am omitting the usual weekly feature in favor of a new month long spot highlighting some great Author’s on Wattpad. My first feature is one of my Wattpad BFFs but that is not the reason she won this feature. My choice for the month of February has consistently produced amazing stories that I fall in love with over and over again no matter what the story line! And what better writer to showcase  in the month of love than the goddess of romance:

W.O. Nelson

Her works will be featured on the side bar and you can read a review of her story ‘Catch Curse and Release‘ that I feature previously!

Check out her stories, what are you waiting for?

Bad CompanyBad Influence (Sequel to Bad Company)I Only Date SuperheroesCatch, Curse, Release

4 thoughts on “Featured Writer of February

  1. Like at the coyish writer on your side banner…why, whoever might she be?

    Wait a minute…I think I know this one…hey! That’s me! =c]

    You are the my WBFFL! (Wattpad Best Friend For Life!). I am truly honored to have someone I regard so highly (whose stories make me mad I didn’t write them!) feature me for the month. You are too awesome for words!!!

    1. Is it weird having your face stare at you on my blog? Haha. I want to do an interview with you soon as part of the feature. I just have to think of some professional interviewie questions and you’re my WBFFL! too! Hehehe

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