Wattpad Wednesday #6

This week I am making an exception to one of my feature rules, typically I like to have read the entire story if completed or at least all the chapters available before posting but when I read the first chapter of this weeks feature, I knew it had to be the feature for this week. This week I am spotlighting:

The Casquette Girls

By Alys Arden 

The Casquette Girls

Author’s Summary: There are certain events that happen which shake the world to the core and throw everything off course. The Storm certainly will have affected the city of New Orleans forever, but Adele Le Moyne could never have dreamed which course she would be blown onto. When Adele and her father start to rebuild their home and their lives, everything is so chaotic it’s difficult to tell the difference between the natural and unnatural events happening around town.

My Thoughts: I was floored by the quality of this story, as many people well know wattpad markets to amateur writers this story however, has the mark of a professional.  The details are rich and stunning and the plot is like a slowly building fire. I have to physically stop myself from reading too fast and devouring every single chapter in one sitting. I have not read something with this level of mystery, suspense and a sprinkling of paranormal before. I’m about half way through and I can already easily say this is the best story I have read in a long time! (No offense to my other features this story is just beyond amazing but you are all great as well.)

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