In The Household of a Sorcerer Teaser


In the Household of a Sorcerer: A Diviner’s Trilogy short story

In between writing Thorn Dweller’s Woods and putting the final touches on Diviner’s Prophecy and sending it off to my editor, I am working on a reader’s choice story before continuing on to Diviner’s Curse. Here’s a little snippet to wet your appetite.


At Sixteen, Johai, possessed by an ancient spirit, finds a diviner child. Maea is the last of the Diranel diviners and the power hungry boy plans to use her to help orchestrate his revenge. Time heals all wounds and after ten years, Johai’s thirst for vengeance has ebbed as his affection for the girl, now a woman grows.  After ten years of plotting and planning, will he be willing to give everything up for the unexpected love of a woman, or forsake it all it his quest for power?


“Johai, it meant nothing, I swear it.” Maea stood before me, cheeks flushed and her garland askew on her head. I studied the letters in front of me and painted my face to the picture of indifference. I did not care who the girl chose to bind her life to.

“What you do is your business, but if you wish to be free of our arrangement you need only say so.” I leaned back to meet her wide violet eyes and folded my hands over my chest. I would not waste another moment on her education if she wished to marry a commoner. To think I had spent the better part of the past ten years, my youth, training her to have her throw it back in my face.  At least that’s why I liked to think I was angry.

Tears gathered along her dark lashes and I felt a stab of guilt only she could illicit in me. How could I have not seen it sooner, why I had I been left so unprepared for her to blossom into a woman?

“Do you truly think that I would give up after all we’ve been through together?” She asked and her piercing violet eyes probed my soul. I looked back to the tabletop to avoid her seeing into the darkness of my heart. The girl was a fool, she would be better off without me. I wanted her for my own gain, she would be happier with the boy.

I crafted my next comment to sting, better she withdraws from me before it was too late. “Then you do love the boy?”

She flushed and it was all the answer I needed.  “I’m tired, Maea. It has been a long eventful day. I shall bid you good night.”

She took a step back and for a moment, I thought she would linger and say more but in the end she hung her head and stormed out, her skirts swirling as she exited. In her wake she left behind a few scattered petals from her garland. I reached down and picked them off the ground. They browned and curled under my touch. I crumbled them and tossed them to the ground.

Coming  April 2013

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