Wattpad Wednesdays #2

Wattpad Wednesday #2:


I love a good epic fantasy, and anyone who knows me—or is familiar with my writing—knows I adore romantic fantasy, more specifically, Historical Romantic Fantasy (try saying that five times fast!) This weeks feature is the perfect combination of my favorites in fantasy.


By Onepieceoftherainbow


From the Author’s Summary:

Leia Illyria, Duchess of Amareth, and her family have kept away from court since she was little, for reasons she doesn’t fully understand – in Myaengaer, where magic has been banned for two hundred years, Leia possesses extraordinary power. When a mysterious and evil threat that has lain dormant for two centuries begins to rise again, Leia learns a secret which forces her to confront her hidden self, with the help of Prince Caleth, heir to the throne of Myaengaer and leader of the Myaen Guard. Working together, they must face down the evil that threatens to destroy the kingdom, the land and their lives.

My thoughts:

I have been following this story for a long time and it continues to keep me on my toes! I adore Onepieceoftherainbows mystical style of writing and the way she describes a scene just draws me into the action and I can imagine the action unfolding before me as if it is happening. The story is set in a pseudo European country where magic is outlawed, when evil threatens the land it’s left up to Leia and Prince Caleth to find the answers, and master her powers, in time to save the kingdom. It’s an exciting epic fantasy with a dash of romance and you should run out and read it right this moment!


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