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Maea is a diviner without a past. A spell took away her memories and left her dependent upon her foster mother, Damara. Though she pretends to have Maea’s best interest at heart, Damara uses Maea’s gift to see into the future to give her the advantage over her rivals in a political game of intrigue. Maea has done much to tip the balance of power in Damara’s favor and she fears Damara’s schemes will lead the kingdom to ruin.

Maea’s fears are confirmed when she is visited by the first diviner in a vision. The first diviner reveals to Maea’s that her memories were taken to cover up a secret that threatens the kingdom. Hidden in her forgotten past is the key to save her kingdom from destruction.

Determined to restore her past, she follows the few clues to Prince Adair, a charming rogue whose intentions appear less than pure. Though Maea distrusts him, Adair distrusts her foster mother even more and is eager to remove her from power. With Adair’s help, Maea delves into the mysteries surrounding her curse, and the secret she was never meant to remember.